What Are Some Advertising Objectives?


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Advertising may be done as a way of introducing a product, ensuring customers continue buying a product, switching brand or switching back. Having a definite objective when determining an advertising strategy is key to achieving success, notes CBS News.

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One of the main objectives for advertising is to introduce a product into the market. This stage requires advertisers to create flashy or eye-catching images with messages that are aimed at getting the consumer's attention. Successful advertising at this stage will help create awareness on the product leading consumers to buy and try out the new product.

Another objective is to ensure a product remains relevant to the market. Most advertisers will keep encouraging consumers to buy their products rather than look for alternatives. Advertising messages are likely to give facts or information regarding the benefits of continual use of a given product.

The third objective for advertising is to encourage consumers to switch from a competing brand to the advertiser's brand. Advertising messages in this stage are aimed at showing the benefits of products sold by the advertiser as being superior to those of the competitor.

The fourth objective of advertising is to encourage customers who may have switched to a competing brand to return. Advertising messages here may show improvements to a product, discounts or any other benefits that a customer may get when they switch back, notes the Management Study Guide.

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