Is Advertising Good or Bad?

Advertising is a great business practice because it allows a company to be able to communicate with its consumers, change their attitudes towards a product or service, add new jobs, and increase the sales of that product or service.

Advertising can be pricey, depending on where and how often an ad will be appearing, but it has been proven to be incredibly useful in many different facets of business. It is effective because it allows companies to communicate with their target audience through a variety of different mediums. Effective advertisements allow a company to not only build and establish a brand, but also increase awareness of that brand. The communication used in advertising to target consumers can also help change the mind of consumers that may either be against buying a product or service or perhaps be misinformed about the use of it. Most importantly, advertising helps increase the sales of the product and service being advertised. If the advertisement can successfully target the need of the consumer, while also showing that their product or service can address that need, then naturally sales will go up. It can also help increase employment within a company, as many companies effectively use advertising enough to have their own specific ad department within itself.