What Does Advertising Do?

Advertising directs the public’s attention to a particular product or service and is intended to prompt a person to take action. It is designed to be memorable and persuasive.

Advertising is normally employed as part of a broad marketing strategy. It is a prominent means by which many businesses acquire and retain customers. While advertising is normally recognized for its value in selling products, it can also be used effectively in the field of politics or to persuade public opinion. Branding, which effectively associates a product’s name with certain qualities in a consumer’s mind, is a common advertising strategy.

When a company decides to advertise, it often employs the services of an advertising agency. The agency then chooses the most effective media to convey the intended message of an advertising campaign. This can include television, newspaper, radio or magazine advertisements. With the wider availability of the Internet, websites and blogs are becoming an increasingly important means of advertising. Today’s advertisements can be interactive and often directly engage consumers by asking them to vote for or express opinions on certain products via social media. They are targeted to specific consumers based on what is known about a person’s Internet browsing habits.