Why Is Advertising Beneficial?

Of all the forms of marketing communication, advertising offers a business the most control over the format, timing and placement of a message. This control includes selection of the optimum media to reach the targeted audience, to fit a budget and to project the desired image.

Advertising is essential for many businesses to create awareness and attract a crowd. It is a way of letting targeted customers know that a business exists, what it offers and why its benefits outweigh those offered by competitors. Additionally, advertisers have the opportunity to set communication goals that evolve as the company and brand develop. Initially, getting the word out about the company is critical. As time goes by, companies invest more time and money in creating differentiation from competitors.

Consumers typically buy a product because they believe it fits a need or offers an effective value proposition. Advertising is a company's opportunity to reach a broad audience of potential customers with a persuasive message, and allows the company to spell out its case to earn customers and their money. Advertising is also a way for a company to build long-term momentum and build market share over competitors that can't or won't invest as much in advertising.