What Do Advertising Agencies Do?

Advertising agencies cover all aspects of marketing a business or product, including ad placement, graphic design and copywriting. Advertising agencies also negotiate rates on their clients' behalf.

An advertising agency creates ads and secures placement. While creating ads, the agency employs the use of graphic designers, copy writers and other professionals to produce the final result. After doing this, they find somewhere to place the ad and negotiate favorable rates for their clients. While some agencies are multi-person operations, others run on a solo basis, with the advertising agent outsourcing the skills they cannot cover themselves.

There are multiple forms of advertising agency in the marketing industry. Full-service agencies have everything the client needs under one roof, whereas creative agencies may pass the media purchasing phase of the process onto another agency. In addition, some companies are large enough to have their own in-house agencies.

Aside from mainstream operations, there are specialist companies focusing on niche market areas. For example, a medical marketing agency may hire people from a healthcare background to ensure their content is accurate. There are also some online-only operations, like digital marketing agencies and SEO specialists. These agencies focus on website development, as well as boosting a business' search engine rankings.