How Do You Advertise in the Yellow Pages for Free?

YP Marketing Solutions offers a free basic business Yellow Pages listing, and all it requires is filling out and submitting an online form. The basic business listing includes business name, address, phone number, email and up to five business categories. Additional steps in getting a free listing include registration and verification of information. Basic listings appear on Yellow Pages business profile pages, and companies also get access to free coupon tools.

Businesses that already advertise in the Yellow Pages might receive offers to increase the size of an ad at a discount rate. Yellow Pages advertisements that are highly visible and include graphics, larger fonts and special details always require payment. Accepting this kind of discount is risky, because a business can lose its regular ad placement to a competitor if the new ad is not successful. Before making changes to ads, companies should research the overall costs involved. Yellow Pages ads tend to have hidden costs, and even one change can result in much higher ad costs.

Effective Yellow Pages advertisements grab a consumer's attention by using powerful images that convey emotions. Studies show that consumers focus on images more than text while browsing through ads. However, the most powerful attention-getter in any display ad is a great headline.