How Do You Advertise for a Job Wanted?

How Do You Advertise for a Job Wanted?

Uploading resumes on established job search and career advice websites is one simple and free method for job seekers to advertise that they are looking for employment. Websites such as and not only provide job seekers the means to look for jobs but let employers look for potential employees as well.

The likelihood of becoming employed decreases the longer the time a job seeker is unemployed, according to It is therefore ideal for job seekers to explore and use as many means as they can, including posting a job wanted ad, to increase their chances of getting hired.

The following steps show how job seekers can upload their resumes on the and websites.

  1. Go to either website

    Type or into a browser window and press Enter.

  2. Sign up
  3. For, sign up for a free membership to upload resumes. The upload feature is available on without the need to sign up.

  4. Upload
  5. On the homepage, click on the Post Your Resume link right below the job search field. Provide an email address on the following page and then proceed with the resume upload process. On, sign in, click on the Upload Your Resume button and then proceed with the uploading process.