How Do You Advertise a Garage Sale in Orange County, California?


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Advertise a garage sale in Orange County, California, or in other areas by posting advertisements on Craigslist, specialized garage sale websites, social media sites, in local newspaper classified sections, and in announcements via email to friends and family. Additionally, make physical signs to post around the neighborhood.

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To advertise on Craigslist, go to your state and local area on the website, create a free account, and post your advertisement under Garage Sales in the For Sale section. Include the time of the sale, your address, any helpful directions, a list of merchandise and photos of some of the best items. Upload an advertisement to other websites that specialize in garage sales as well, especially if the listing doesn't cost anything. Announce the garage sale to friends and relatives through email messages, Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites you use. Since many people still prefer to peruse physical newspapers, invest in an announcement in the local classified ads.

Create large signs with flamboyant colors for your garage sale. Make them on bright poster board with lettering in paint or black marker. Write Garage Sale in large letters at the top, followed by your address and a thick arrow, if appropriate, to point potential customers in the right direction. Post them around the neighborhood at major intersections on utility poles or wooden stakes driven into the ground. Place other signs in the windows or on the bulletin boards of amenable local shops.

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