How Do You Advertise a Church?


To advertise a church, determine the target audience and aim the advertising copy at them. The church's website should also be a part of any advertising strategy.

  1. Determine the target audience

    Analyze the age, education level, family status, income level and religious background of the people you are trying to reach. Determine the spiritual or emotional needs that the church can help people meet.

  2. Write appropriate ad copy

    Write ad copy aimed at answering the readers' questions or appealing to their emotional needs. Use strong headlines to get their attention. Avoid littering ad copy with too many photos or graphics. Include testimonials from church members.

  3. Include a direct invitation

    Have the church's pastor issue a direct invitation to the reader to visit the church. Invite the reader to take action.

  4. Incorporate the church's website into any advertising strategy

    Make sure your church's website is kept up to date and coordinated with any other advertising you do. Visitors interested in your church are likely to check out the website before attending.