What Are the Advantages of the Walmart Discover Card?

Customers using a Walmart Discover card receive a rebate check whenever they accumulate $10 worth of rewards, and they also earn up to 1 percent cash back on every purchase. Another advantage is that shoppers can save 15 cents per gallon at Walmart gas stations in the United States.

Consumers with a Walmart Discover card earn cash back when they buy at Walmart and stores with the Discover Network Acceptance Mark. Shoppers can also acquire up to $100 cash advance in $20 increments. The monthly billing statement of Walmart Discover card users shows details on cash advances made using the card. Customers who enroll in online, paperless statements also receive their monthly FICO Score for free.

Cardholders say that they earn rebates more quickly using the Walmart Discover card compared to the regular Discover card, and the approval process for getting the card is fast. However, some reviews say that the customer service is unsatisfactory. One person warned that the card triggers a security fraud prevention measure that hampers users from making more than five transactions in a short period.

The Walmart Discover card has no annual fees and has late fees ranging from $15 to $29, as of 2015. Individuals who are interested in getting the card should have a fair credit score of at least 660.