What Are the Advantages of Using Gregg Shorthand for Dummies?


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Though there are no official books covering the Gregg Shorthand stenography system within the "Dummies" book line, similar resources allow readers to quickly learn its alphabet and implement the writing practice in daily use. These aids may appear as websites or other books, including a list of the different symbols and their meanings and tips on how to write them.

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Quick study materials for Gregg Shorthand typically include a section that outlines the full set of symbols within the language and the corresponding meaning of each character. This allows readers to memorize meanings and practice writing different symbols and immediately compare the work to the actual character. Some guides may also offer tips on how to write certain characters, such as where to place the pen to begin writing the symbol and the order in which to create different strokes.

Gregg Shorthand is a popular form of stenography within the United States, which is a type of writing system that revolves around the use of simple and easy to write symbols to allow the writer to increase the speed and accuracy of his writing. The Gregg Shorthand uses a series of different curved and looping characters to represent different words, phrases and letters rather than functioning as a full alphabet. It commonly comes into use in settings that require the timely and accurate tracking of conversations, such as a courtroom or business meeting.

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