What Are Some Advantages of Television Advertising?

One of the most compelling advantages of television as an advertising medium relative to other options is its broad reach. An advertiser can reach a large number of people with a single commercial. Creative opportunities and visual stimulation are other major benefits.

Television offers multisensory appeal that incorporates sight and sound. It also allows for action, movement and the telling of a story. Visual stimulation captures the attention of audience members, and effective storytelling conveys the benefits of a brand. Companies can also demonstrate products in a TV commercial.

Cable television has also enhanced the ability of companies to target narrow audiences, which makes advertising more efficient. TV is traditionally an expensive way to advertise, but the ability to present targeted messages through niche cable channels improves the concentration and affordability of this medium.

The ability to create awareness among a large audience is a primary reason companies turn to television. For a new business, making people aware that it exists is the first step to driving traffic and sales. The visual connection and storytelling also allow companies to present more emotionally appealing messages, which often work better at creating a response. Appealing to peoples' anger, fear, sadness, frustration or desire for happiness and joy are common strategies in advertising.