What Are Some Advantages to Teamwork?

advantages-teamwork Credit: Martin Barraud/Caiaimage/Getty Images

Some advantages to teamwork are greater resources, a wider range of ideas and a broader skill set, all of which lead to increased productivity. A group working as a team is usually able to resolve issues and complete tasks more quickly and more efficiently than an individual working alone.

An increase in resources means that more manpower can be applied to the task at hand. This helps increase the rate at which any task can be accomplished as it facilitates the meeting of deadlines and reaching of goals. Additionally, individuals within a team are able to support each other's efforts, further increasing their chances of success.

Because teamwork enables the tapping of multiple minds, more ideas that serve the interest of the group are available for consideration, making brainstorming sessions ultimately more fruitful than those held in private by a single person. This, coupled with the broad skill set of team members, allows for a greater set of achievements in a shorter period of time.

Teamwork also has a direct effect on team members. Sharing accomplishments with others lets people experience enhanced enjoyment in a job well done. However, teamwork only works when all members concentrate on efforts as a whole, putting aside individual goals that may conflict with group objectives.