What Are the Advantages of Small Parking Lot Sweepers?


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The advantages of small parking lot sweepers are that they are inexpensive, portable and easy to use. Another advantage of small parking lot sweepers is that they are small enough to use in underground parking lots where bigger sweepers can't fit.

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Investing in a small, portable parking lot sweeper is much more affordable for a small business owner than buying a power sweeping truck. Large parking lot sweepers are classified as heavy machinery and are often out of the reach financially of a typical small business owner. Buying a small parking lot sweeper is a good option for business owners not just financially, but for convenience's sake as well, as one of these sweepers can be mounted onto the back of any pickup truck and easily removed when the sweeping job is finished.

Small parking lot sweepers also allow the owner to get into underground parking lots that power sweeping trucks can't fit into, opening up a whole new area of business. For example, an independent parking lot sweeper could operate on a part-time basis at night or during the weekend when there are few people around, cleaning those small parking lots that are normally never cleaned.

Initial start-up costs for starting a parking lot sweeping business range from $10,000 to $50,000. One option to help cut down on starting costs is to purchase a used small parking lot sweeper that works just as well as a brand new one.

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