What Are the Advantages of Small Homes?


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Advantages of living in a smaller home include lower mortgage payments, less maintenance and renovations that are small-scale and easier to handle, according to The Huffington Post. Smaller homes are also more environmentally friendly because they require less heat, electricity and natural resources.

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Smaller homes and smaller living spaces, such as apartments, are typically devoid of clutter out of necessity, reports ABC News. Having a smaller space potentially limits impulsive shopping on unnecessary items because there is no space for them in the home. Less stuff and a smaller space also means cleaning takes less time.

A smaller home lessens the likelihood of hoarding, according to The Huffington Post. Living in a smaller home saves money because it takes less energy to power a smaller home, so electricity and heating bills are cheaper.

Living in a smaller home can also save money on property taxes and can potentially save money on groceries, especially if there is no pantry, according to ABC News. Inhabiting a smaller home can also help improve quality of life for the homeowner. Some homeowners of small homes report an increase in overall happiness after living in their home for some time due to having fewer items, having smaller bills and spending less time cleaning and doing maintenance on their home, which leads to more free time.

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