What Are the Advantages of Self Employment?


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The many advantages associated with self-employment include the ability to set one's own hours and be their own boss. Those who are self-employed typically work for themselves, earning more money than they would performing the same tasks as an employee at a business.

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The earning potential of a freelancer or self-employed person depends on the drive and dedication of the specific person. A self-employed individual has the option to work as much, or as little, as he wants with no threats of being fired. The more he puts into it, the higher the income potential. The income potential of a self-employed person is often higher than a person stuck in a salaried position working for someone else.

When a person is self-employed, he knows that e possesses a high degree of job security. There is no chance of being fired when a person is working for himself, even when the economy is bad and job cuts are being made. As long as deadlines and contract specifications are met, and service or products are provided, there is no chance of a self-employed person losing his job.

Most people who are self-employed or freelancers are making money doing what they enjoy doing. Most of them have the advantage of truly loving their jobs.

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