What Are the Advantages of Renting a Duplex Home?

Advantages of renting a duplex home include having a private or shared backyard, having access to washer and dryer hookups, and having separate utility bills. Another advantage of renting a duplex is that the experience is similar to renting a home.

Besides a shared or private backyard, a duplex might also include a fenced-in backyard for privacy. Tenants can have a relatively secluded place to relax and let children play rather than settle for the patio, balcony or window that generally comes with an apartment.

If a duplex doesn't come with a washer and dryer, it often comes with hookups for the appliances. While there may be laundry facilities in an apartment building or complex, tenants might not like sharing washers and dryers or needing to have quarters on hand to do laundry. There's also no need to worry about clothes being stolen when tenants have a separate washer and dryer.

Duplexes also come with separate utility bills, as opposed to the shared utility bills that can come with a regular apartment. The main disadvantage with shared utilities is that tenants may have to pay for more water, gas or electricity than they actually use.

Duplexes can also serve as a viable alternative to renting or owning a home. Duplex tenants only share a wall, backyard and driveway with one another.