What Are the Advantages of the Refinance Program on the Get Better Loan Website?


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The refinance program on the Get Better Loan website helps members lower payment rates to up to 1.9 percent and save at least $100 monthly. Registering for the program is an easy and secure online application. In addition, the program shortens the payment period, and members can choose to skip a payment, explains OpenRoad Lending.

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The website also advises on how to get the lowest rates and reduced monthly payments. The owner of the vehicle eligible for the refinance program should have a reputable history with his previous financing institution. The vehicle must be at the most, eight years older than the current model of the vehicle, have covered a maximum of 80,000 miles and not be used for commercial or business purposes, reports OpenRoad Lending.

The owner of the vehicle is required to provide the Vehicle Identification Number, or VIN, alongside any details of special features of the vehicle, information on the financial institution the vehicle is currently associated with, car insurance details, the account number of the current car loan and a copy of the vehicle registration, according to OpenRoad Lending. Additional requirements include proof of monthly income, such as recent check stubs, and proof of physical address, such as a utility bill that proves a current physical address.

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