What Are the Advantages of Property Insurance From The Hartford?

Advantages of property insurance from The Hartford include extended replacement cost coverage, identity restoration services, a 24-hour claims hotline and special protection packages that can be added to the base policy, states the company. Two special protection packages are available, the Home Advantage and the Home Advantage Plus Package. Both packages offer identity fraud expense coverage, which reimburses members for out-of-pocket expenses.

The Hartford's extended replacement cost coverage goes beyond 100 percent of the replacement cost. If there is a total loss that costs more than 100 percent for rebuilding, the Hartford pays up to either 125 percent or 150 percent, depending on the plan. Optional replacement coverage pays the real cost of replacing possessions, regardless of age or condition, with new items of equal quality, reports The Hartford.

The Home Advantage Package also offers coverage for potential libel or slander claims, and replacement of lost or stolen keys, up to $500, with a $100 deductible. The Home Advantage Plus Package gives policyholders who have not had a loss for three years a $50 reduction on their deductibles and additional $50 reductions for each year afterwards, states The Hartford. Optional features include expanded limits for green rebuilding, equipment protection, blanket coverage for valuable items and assisted living care coverage.