What Are Some Advantages of Premanufactured Houses?

The advantages of manufactured homes include a shorter build time, the ability to upgrade materials and the opportunity to remodel later, according to Kiplinger. The homes also are durable, and they often perform well in extreme weather.

Builders can construct manufactured or modular homes in three to four months, compared to the build time of nine months to a year for a traditional house, Kiplinger notes. The actual house takes only about three days to assemble, but it takes several weeks to complete the installation of electrical lines and plumbing. Inspections also add to the build time.

Most manufactured-home builders offer the option to upgrade building materials for an additional cost, Kiplinger notes. Buyers also can customize the layout of their new home by using the computer-assisted design services that many builders offer, explains the National Association of Home Builders. Because the components of manufactured homes are created in a warehouse, builders can reduce waste and lessen the environmental impact, the NAHD adds.

Homeowners can remodel or add onto their manufactured homes in the same way as traditional homes. Some of the home's support structures may differ from those in a traditional house, so homeowners should let their contractors know the home is a modular one before remodeling begins, Kiplinger advises.