What Are the Advantages of Mining?


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Mining provides raw materials needed for construction of roads and hospitals, jobs for the U.S. economy, and a source of income and revenue for mining communities. Mined substances are used to build houses and automobiles, and to make computers and satellites. Electricity is also generated from mined materials.

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Well-structured mining operations boost the local economy of the place in which they are located. Revenue generated from mining activities helps develop facilities such as schools and hospitals. These activities promote economic growth in the mining regions. Additionally, mining resources are important foreign exchange earners and contribute significantly to gross domestic product.

Mining also provides mineral resources that are important for maintaining and upgrading living standards. It is the extraction of valuable and non-renewable minerals or other geological substances from the earth. Materials acquired through mining include metals, limestone, rock salt, gemstone, coal, oil, gravel, gold and clay. Mining is intended to obtain resources that cannot be produced through agricultural activities or manufactured artificially in a laboratory or factory.

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