What Are Some Advantages of Mass Production?

Mass production's advantages include simplification of the production process, efficiency in the production process and consistency in the finished products. Mass production frequently outpaces the slow, labor-intensive processes of pre-industrial craftsmen and artisans.

Mass production is more efficient than traditional craftsman's shops in a number of respects. All tools and labor are located in a single facility. Production stations within a facility are laid out in sequence to enhance efficiency and time sensitivity. Because steps are made simpler and more isolated than in traditional settings, individual laborers often do not require extensive training to perform their jobs.

Automation and technology also assist in mass production. Because of the presence of machinery and the efficient layout of workstations, the probability of human error is reduced. In addition to increased consistency, labor costs for the company are reduced, increasing profits and the amount of money that can be reinvested in capital resources. As a result, the amount of product the company is able to produce climbs higher, also increasing profits and the potential of the company to employ more workers. Increased production in the industrial sector indicates a robust economy as well as a capacity to satisfy the material demands of a growing society.