What Are the Advantages of Living in Small Modular Homes?


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The advantages of living in small modular homes include their durability, affordability and the speed with which they are built, according to Kiplinger magazine. Although these houses are prefabricated originally, they are able to be remodeled just like a traditionally built home.

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The many advantages of living in small modular homes include their energy efficiency, adherence to strict building codes and quality of construction, notes Home Advisor. Because all modular homes are manufactured in factories under the same climate-controlled conditions, there is no possibility for building materials to become wet or to have a problem or delay with the construction of the home due to the weather. These highly controlled conditions also eliminate the possibility of mold growing on the lumber used in the homes.

Small modular homes are more environmentally friendly than their traditional counterparts. Any waste that accumulates from the manufacturing of modular homes is recyclable, whereas the waste from the construction of what is known as a "site built" home is not and usually ends up in a landfill. Much of this is due to the in-plant recycling that is available at most modular home manufacturing facilities. Small modular homes are also better able to utilize engineered construction materials.

The affordability of small modular homes stems from the fact that there are virtually no cost overruns when it comes to manufacturing these homes. Also, as modular homes are easier and take less time to build than site built homes, there is a reduced interest rate on construction financing for the home buyer.

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