What Are the Advantages of JASPER Transmissions and What Do They Cost?

JASPER transmissions are completely remanufactured, come with full warranties and are readily available for most models of cars, vans and trucks, reports JASPER Engines & Transmissions. Because JASPER remanufactures a range of light, medium and heavy transmissions, vehicle owners should determine the cost of specific transmissions through the website catalog.

Installers often pull used transmissions from damaged vehicles and offer them as-is or rebuild transmissions by cleaning them, replacing some of the parts and offering them with limited warranties, but JASPER remanufactures transmissions to conform to original production standards, according to its official website. Service personnel thoroughly clean the transmissions, replace wearable parts and closely inspect the components to be sure they meet or exceed tolerances on original products. JASPER nationwide warranties cover parts and labor for three years or 100,000 miles for standard vehicles or 18 months or 100,000 miles for off-road vehicles. JASPER carries transmissions for most popular vehicles in stock for immediate delivery to local installers.

To find out specific costs of transmissions, go to JasperEngines.com, select Transmissions in the toolbar at the top of the page, scroll down, and click on Looking for a Price, advises JASPER Engines & Transmissions. Log in to the catalog, and locate the transmission you need. If you do not already have an automotive technician to install it, find a local installer by clicking on Find an Installer in the top toolbar.