What Are the Advantages of Having AAA Auto Insurance?

AAA auto insurance offers substantial policy, driver and vehicle discounts, competitive rates, and prompt, dependable service, according to AAA Automobile Club of Southern California. AAA offers flexible premium payments, and auto policyholders can receive savings dividends on their automobile insurance policies when their policy terms end, although AAA does not guarantee dividend payments. Members have reported saving hundreds of dollars after switching from major insurance companies.

AAA offers a variety of coverage types, amounts and deductibles, explains AAA Automobile Club of Southern California. Policyholders who purchase insurance for their vehicles and their homes or condos, buy renters' insurance or life insurance, or insure multiple vehicles receive rate-reducing discounts. Drivers who are students, are good drivers, have completed an approved driving course, are members of certain professions, or are members of college alumni associations are eligible for discounted rates. Vehicles with certain mileage levels, anti-theft devices or passive restraint systems can qualify for coverage discounts, as can vehicles housed in garages.

For automobile policyholders who need to make claims, AAA provides a toll-free claims hotline seven days a week, 24 hours a day, notes AAA Automobile Club of Southern California. AAA offers free policy quotes, and to assist its policyholders in understanding their discount and coverage options, it offers free policy reviews.