What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Personal Checks?

Advantages of using personal checks include having an easier time of keeping up with finances, being able to immediately pay someone without having access to cash and showing off personal style with personalized checks, according to CheckAdvantage. One of the biggest disadvantages of using personal checks is taking the risk of having the check bounce if there aren't sufficient funds in the account when the check is cashed, notes Chron.

When writing out a check, a person can easily write down the amount in a ledger in order to keep track of how much money is left in the checking account, notes CheckAdvantage. While more convenient, debit cards don't show how much remains in an account. This increases the chances of accidentally overdrawing, which can result in fees.

If a person needs to pay a babysitter, friend or anyone else, using a check is easier than having to go to an ATM, according to CheckAdvantage. Checks can also be printed with a favorite sports team, animal, scenes of nature and other personalized designs.

While using a check makes it easier to keep up with how much money remains in an account, it's still possible to bounce a check if there isn't enough money in the account, notes Chron. In addition to having to pay fees to the bank, the account holder may also have to pay fees to the company that attempted to cash the check.