What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Online Vs. Paper Paycheck Stubs?

Online paycheck stubs can be more secure since employees are usually sent email attachments that are password-protected. However, access depends on whether a company's system is working or not. Paper paycheck stubs can be stored within easy reach but are permanently lost if a fire or other calamity occurs.

Online paycheck stubs can also be accessed using a secure portal available to all employees. Paycheck stubs spanning a long period of time are readily available and can be easily compared with each other on a computer screen. Upon receipt of an online stub, disputing the amounts displayed can be as easy as sending a message through the same employee portal. However, if a bank or other establishment requires an individual to provide a paycheck stub, he needs to print it out first. If another person discovers the login details of an employee, he can find out the confidential contents of the employee's paycheck stub.

Paper paycheck stubs can be easily organized at an employee's home with no Internet connection or computer required to view them. Some states require employers to provide paper stubs to any employee that doesn't have electronic access. However, using these stubs can add employer costs due to the use of paper, shipping and labor. Losing a stub or forgetting where it's placed also adds to the inconvenience of using paper paycheck stubs.