What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Print Media?

Surreal Name Given/CC-BY-2.0

Print media has many advantages and disadvantages, depending on the type of outcome the writer and publisher are looking for. Articles published in print are tangible, which gives them an advantage that online pieces do not have. On the other hand, the Internet is more accessible to a wider range of writers and audiences.

The Internet and the proliferation of online blogs and other websites have made it easy for almost anyone to produce content. However, the credibility of some Internet sites is no match for that of many print resources. Newspapers and magazine that have existed for decades or even centuries have credibility that dwarf a website that has only existed for a few years, despite how many daily page views they claim to get. Many websites are easily accessed for free, which is an advantage for the reader but not so much for the writers and publishers. This can require websites to rely on advertising revenue in order to fund their business, while print outlets can raise money through the fees people use to buy the magazine or newspaper. Editors at renowned magazines like Time plan to use the rise of the Internet to their advantage without neglecting their established print consumers. By using their offline content to direct readers to their website, they guarantee a larger readership on both platforms.