What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of E-Recruiting?

Advantages of e-recruiting include fewer costs, reduced time recruiting, access to better talent and increased flexibility. Some disadvantages to e-recruiting include limited information and no interaction with candidates. Many businesses are incorporating e-recruiting into their human resource plans because of the many benefits.

Human resource managers and representatives recruit online using a number of tools. They leverage social media to connect with qualified candidates. They also research candidates using online resources. This process reduces the time it takes to fill positions and saves the company money. They do not have to worry about outsourcing their recruitment process; without outsourcing, the business controls the quality of potential candidates.

Recruiting online also improves the market for candidates. Instead of recruiting from a small group of people locally, the business has the opportunity to interview people from around the world who are interested in the position. Outsourcing global recruitment efforts is too expensive for some companies; therefore keeping it internal is the better option.

Businesses must have a clear plan to utilize e-recruitment successfully. For instance, they need a timeline for completion, they must know what type of candidates work for the organization, and they must have a clear job description. Skipping any of these steps makes the process difficult for the business.