What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Debit Cards?

Some of the advantages of debit cards include convenience, being able to save time, the ability to get cash back, and staying within a budget. Examples of disadvantages include having a harder time fighting charges, extra fees, not being able to improve credit, and minor fraud protection.

An individual who has a debit card doesn't have to worry about carrying around cash or a checkbook and pen to make purchases. There's also less hassle involved with using debit cards since they aren't viewed with as much scrutiny as credit cards or checks. A consumer who is on a budget can also benefit from using a debit card since he's only able to use the amount on the card. There's no need to worry about interest charges or late fees with debit cards.

One of the biggest drawbacks of debit cards is that the money is taken out of the individual's account as soon as a purchase is made, which makes it challenging to dispute faulty charges. An individual trying to improve his credit is unable to do so with a debit card since debit card use isn't reported to credit bureaus. Debit cards also aren't known to have the same level of protection as credit cards.