What Are Some Advantages of Computer Mediated Communication?

Some advantages of computer mediated communication include enhancing the flow of information, encouraging participants to express their thoughts freely and allowing people to share information regardless of geographic location. Computer mediated communication refers to interaction between two or more people through electronic devices, notes the Center for Computer-Mediated Communications.

Computer mediated communication makes it possible for people in different regions to send and receive messages at any time. This makes it convenient for all parties involved. This form of communication allows people who are shy or those with timid characters to express their thoughts and feelings more freely.

Another advantage of this form of communication is that it automatically creates a record of the messages being passed. This can be helpful in case of future reference or dispute resolution. Since this method of communication is instant, it allows individuals to send and receive emergency messages and take necessary action before something serious occurs.

Computer mediated communication incorporates fun techniques of interacting. The social media for example allows individuals from across the world to share funny videos or images making it even more exciting. Computer mediated communication is relatively cheap making it possible for almost anyone to access. This form of communication also makes it possible to reach a wider audience, notes the University of South Florida.