What Are the Advantages of Checking a Doctor's History During the Hiring Process?


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Advantages of checking a doctor's history during the hiring process may include discovering a history of poor job performance or disputes with past employers, uncovering any past or pending malpractice law suits and confirming the status of medical licenses. It may also help the hiring manager gain a better understanding of the physician to determine if she is the right fit for the job.

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One major benefit of researching the history of a doctor before offering employment is that it allows the person handling the hiring process to learn about her past and how she interacted with other coworkers. This typically involves the hospitals or private practices she lists as former workplaces on her resume and speaking to her supervisors or the directors of her specialty to ask questions about experiences with the candidate. This may reveal positive interactions that work in the doctor's favor or bring negative experiences to light that allow the hiring manager to learn the doctor's true nature.

Checking the doctor's history also allows the hiring manager to learn about any legal actions taken against the applicant and ask her or the parties involved about the situation. Similarly, the research also allows the hiring manager to make sure that the doctor has a current and valid license to practice medicine in the region and that she did receive her medical degree from the institution she mentions. If the doctor lies about these factors, she may not be the best candidate for the position.

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