What Advantages Can Diversity Bring to an Organization?


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Diversity brings an organization the advantages of a more collaborative workforce, enhanced business reputation within the community and the ability to effectively serve a diverse, and therefore larger, customer base. A diverse workforce has a positive impact on a company's employee base, customers and the community it serves.

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A collaborative workforce has positive effects on a company's bottom line because culturally diverse teams bring a variety of perspectives and experiences to the table. This increases creativity, leading to enhanced problem solving and profit generation ideas. A critical component of successful diversity is the ability of team members to synergize their diverse perspectives and ideas in a positive manner. Many companies facilitate this through diversity training and leadership modeling behavior. Mutual respect for colleagues with different work styles, ethnic backgrounds and cultures is encouraged.

A diverse workforce contributes to a company's credibility and reputation, paving the way for it to become an employer of choice. This gives it a larger applicant pool from which the best talent can be recruited. A diverse workforce also fosters the belief amongst stakeholders that the organization values integrity and ethical business practices. A more diverse workforce naturally leads to a broader customer base because the organization has their ability to effectively communicate and address the needs of many segments of society.

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