What Are Some Advantages to Buying Rustic Manufactured Homes?


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Advantages of buying rustic manufactured homes include affordability as compared to stick-built houses. They enable a home buyer to avoid construction issues, such as delays because of bad weather. Additionally, factory-built homes are sturdier compared to site-built homes because they use lag bolts instead of nails, according to SFGate.

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A person saves up to 20 percent on housing costs when they opt to buy a manufactured home rather than a stick-built home. Manufactured homes are specifically constructed to withstand transportation through the use of jigs. This increases their quality. Additionally, they accommodate structural improvements, such as the use of bolts and reinforcement straps. A home buyer can choose a floor plan based on his preference when purchasing a manufactured home, as SFGate reports.

Control over the building process ensures that manufactured homes meet strict federal regulations and rids a home owner of issues such as disagreeable contractors and vandalism. Construction of factory-built homes occurs speedily compared to site-built homes. Additionally, manufactured homes have elaborate designs that include features such as porches, garages and decks. Homeowners also customize their manufactured homes with choices such as hardwood floors and granite counter tops, and many of these homes include energy-efficient features, says How Stuff Works.

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