What Are Some Advantages of Buying DSLD Homes?

DSLD Homes provides people with personalized, high-quality homes and materials for affordable prices, which employees at the company state sets DSLD Homes apart from competitors. The company prides itself on engaging prospective homeowners in the planning and design stages to ensure they have an ideal custom home. DSLD Homes provides traditional contract and building services, and also has focuses on energy-efficient designs.

DSLD Homes is a home construction company that services several states in the south United States. It builds residential homes in Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi. According to the company's website, DSLD Homes is one of the top 30 homebuilders in the U.S. The company formed in 2006, and has homes in more than 125 regional communities. Its business philosophy is one of providing high-quality materials and friendly customer service, notes Professional Builder.

DSLD Homes also operates using a 42-day build plan. Its goal is to finish homes quickly and accurately. This plan involves material acquisition, house framing and a final walk through. The company also frequently updates its supplier list and scopes of work to provide the best materials and prices to consumers. It strives to have zero warranty issues, and builds homes according to specs and plans. Additionally, DSLD Homes performs energy efficiency improvements to make new and existing homes as environmentally friendly as possible.