What Are Some of the Advantages of Blue Cross Blue Shield Medical Coverage?


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Blue Cross Blue Shield medical coverage offers extensive, flexible policies that protect policyholders at home and abroad; it has several plans designed to match the financial and medical needs of citizens in all demographics. Blue Cross Blue Shield's two primary plans are "standard" and "basic." The standard option gives people accessible, flexible healthcare coverage, and the basic plan provides an extensive network of participating providers, according to the company's website.

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Blue Cross Blue Shield's standard plan gives policyholders financial coverage for doctor's office visits, medical expenses, maternity care and prescription drug coverage, according to FEPBlue.org. This plan covers care from primary physicians and practitioners and extends coverage to some preferred out-of-network providers. The prescription drug component covers a portion of the cost for prescription medication, including generic and name brands. The plan gives specific benefits to pregnant women by helping them pay for requisite visits and follow-ups to their doctors.

The basic plan features a zero-deductible policy and lower monthly payments than the standard plan. With the basic plan, people can choose primary or specialty care doctors from a pre-selected list of preferred providers. Costs for visiting these doctors are $25 to visit a primary care physician and $35 for a specialist. The basic plan also covers maternity care and costs associated with prescription medication but requires policyholders to source medicines from a list of preferred pharmacies.

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