What Are the Advantages of Being a Psychologist?


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Being a psychologist is advantageous because helping others can be rewarding. A psychologist also has potential to establish a private practice and meet a variety of people. Psychologists also work flexible hours and earn high salaries.

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Even though working as a psychologist can be challenging, many psychologists say their jobs are fulfilling and gratifying. Psychologists get a feeling of accomplishment when they see their clients working toward their goals and achieving progress. They meet and help diverse people, including families, adults and children.

Establishing a private practice allows psychologists to have full control of their careers: approximately 35 percent of psychologists in the United States are self-employed. A psychologist may opt to work part-time in order to fulfill personal or family obligations. However, those who work in mental health offices and hospitals may not have flexible work schedules.

Psychologists are also well-compensated, earning between $50,000 and $100,000 annually, as of 2015.

However, money should not be the main reason to choose a career in psychology.

Psychology graduates have many opportunities, including working in communications and human resources, and further education in psychology opens opportunities for research and clinical practice.

Other fields in psychology include clinical, counseling, developmental, forensic and educational psychology.

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