What Is an Advantage of Living in a Suburban Area?

advantage-living-suburban-area Credit: Adam Crowley/Blend Images/Getty Images

One advantage of living in a suburban area is that it allows people to have more space. Additionally, many suburban areas have lower crime rates than areas closer to cities. Some suburbs have great schools as well.

Living near the center of a city has a number of advantages. Residents can often walk or take public transportation instead of drive, and many prefer urban environments. However, living space is expensive, and many prefer living where the pace of life is slower. The suburbs provide a solution.

In many areas, real estate near the center of the city is prohibitively expensive for most residents, and even those who can afford to purchase a home or condominium find that available options provide little space. Moving to the suburbs can allow them to purchase a home and have the space they need to raise a family.

Suburbs can also provide better educational opportunities. Many parents who live in downtown areas spend tens of thousands of dollars to send their children to private schools; public schools in suburban areas often provide similar educational experiences. While crime rates in cities are far lower than they were in the 1980s and 1990s, suburban areas typically have even lower crime rates, which many people find to be worth the extra commuting time.