How Do You Take Advantage of Bank Promotions?

Customers can take advantage of bank promotions by identifying current promotions, reviewing their eligibility through the promotion's terms and conditions and signing up for the special, states Customers must determine their eligibility, sign up by the offer's expiration date and complete all qualifying activities to receive the promotion.

Customers can take advantage of bank promotions by completing the following steps.

  1. View current promotions
  2. Many banks offer promotional information on their company websites, note and Promotions are typically only offered for a specified time period, so customers must sign up before the expiration date to receive the offer. Customers can also call their banks' customer service numbers to request information about up-to-date promotions.

  3. Review the fine print
  4. Customers should read and understand all of the terms and conditions before taking advantage of a promotion. Most specials and promotions require customers to perform certain activities in order to receive the offer. Activities may include keeping a minimum balance, making purchases above a certain amount or setting up direct deposits.

  5. Sign up
  6. After identifying current offers and carefully reviewing the terms and conditions, eligible customers should follow the bank's application process for the promotion. Customers may be able to sign up online or over the phone or they may need to visit a branch, depending on the bank's requirements.