How Do Adults Apply for CHIP Health Insurance?

Applying for Children's Health Insurance Program health insurance coverage can be accomplished online, over the phone or by mail or fax. Those who are eligible for CHIP insurance coverage can apply at any time of the year, and coverage can include the parents and pregnant women in some states, as stated on The program, which is administered by the United States Department of Health and Human Services, was created to provide insurance coverage to children in families where the household income makes them ineligible for Medicaid.

While the CHIP benefits vary according to the state, all states participate in the program and work closely with the Medicaid program. CHIP coverage includes routine checkups, immunizations, visits to the doctor, dental and vision care, prescriptions, laboratory and X-ray services, inpatient and outpatient care and emergency services, states

The following steps show how to apply for CHIP health insurance coverage over the phone.

  1. Call the CHIP number
  2. Dial the CHIP hotline number 2-1-1. Select a language and then press 2.

  3. Provide the required information
  4. Provide all the required information to the CHIP representative who fills out the application form.

  5. Sign the form
  6. Wait for the application in the mail and then sign it once it arrives.

  7. Mail back the signed application
  8. Send back the application together with proof of income such as paycheck stubs and receipts for payments for child care, child support or care for a disabled member of the household. Processing the application may take up to 45 days to complete as of 2015.