What Is ADP TotalPay Money Network?

The ADP TotalPay Money Network is a way to pay employees with a debit card, states ADP. Cardholders use the Money Network card for everyday purchases such as gas or groceries. It is safer than cash because the funds are protected if the card is lost or stolen.

Cardholders make purchases, access cash, write checks, pay bills and manage their finances with a budgeting tool, reports ADP. By upgrading to the Portable Card Account, they can load funds at thousands of retail locations nationwide and from many employers.

As of 2015, cardholders can load cash into the Money Network Card at any Walmart register for a fee of $3.74, states Money Network. They can use the card virtually at any ATM and wherever Visa, MasterCard, Discover or Star is accepted. The in-network ATMs, such as Allpoint Network, are free to use. Some others are free of surcharges, reports Money Network.

The Money Network Locator lets cardholders easily find ATMs in their vicinity. The search results mark the locations for cash reloading, ATMs without surcharge, and free check cashing on a map and provides the address of each location as text, notes Money Network. Account holders can write Money Network Checks using the checkbook they receive with their accounts.