What Are Some ADP COBRA Service Benefits?

ADP COBRA offers a variety of service benefits to a business and the business' employees. ADP constantly keeps up with the regulatory changes and requirements of the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act to ensure a business ADP represents is compliant, explains ADP. This company maintains the administrative needs of compliance for companies as well.

ADP COBRA offers companies easy implementation of the program. This package includes notification distribution, forms processing and data tracking for COBRA election packages and additional required forms, according to ADP. The program helps companies remain complaint with COBRA requirements by tracking employee election, coverage termination and key dates.

ADP provides processing of premium invoices, premium payments and qualifying event notices for represented companies. ADP also provides clients with qualifying events and loss-of-data coverage online for convenience. This company provides clients with an integrated system to track COBRA benefits with a qualifying event, says ADP.

ADP provides a client's employees with benefits to ensure COBRA compliance. This firm provides employees of clients the ability to make online payments for the premiums owed. There is an online location for employees to access and manage COBRA benefits. Also, it offers employees access to a dedicated call center where they can find answers to questions, according to ADP.