What Are Adopter Categories?


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In the diffusion of innovations, adopter categories entail the classification of people or consumers depending on their willingness to try a new product. The five categories include innovators, early adopters, the early majority, the late majority and laggards.

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Innovators play the role of trying new ideas because they are usually venturesome. As a result, they create new products and put them on the market. Early adopters are the first people who learn about a product. This group plays an important role since other adopters come to them for advice.

Those in the early majority tend to discuss with their peers prior to making a decision about using a product. On the other hand, those in the late majority adopt the product after others have done so already. They tend to adopt a product after encountering a need. Laggards are the last people to adopt an innovation, and they usually have no opinion on a product.

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