What Are Some Administrative Job Titles and Their Duties?

What Are Some Administrative Job Titles and Their Duties?

Some administrative job titles include administrative assistant, administrative coordinator and office manager. Entry-level administrative duties may include basic tasks related to keeping an office running smoothly. Senior level administrators often work directly with senior management or supervise other administrators and may have some additional responsibilities related to bookkeeping and human resources.

Some typical duties of an entry-level administrative professional include stocking and ordering office supplies, greeting visitors, and directing phone calls. At smaller offices, administrative assistants may take on a wider range of duties, including sorting mail and doing basic cleaning tasks. They are often responsible for keeping the office organized and may manage filing systems. Other typical duties include scanning, printing, copying and binding documents and preparing correspondence.

More experienced administrators, such as office managers, often manage schedules and reserve meeting rooms. In a small office, a senior administrator sometimes processes payroll and manages employee benefits. They may perform tasks such as making travel arrangements, handling reimbursements and keeping track of office supply budgets.

In some companies, administrative professionals have specialized responsibilities tailored to the specific department in which they work. For example, a marketing assistant often handles basic marketing tasks and standard administrative duties.

At all levels, administrative staff must have strong technical skills and frequently work with Microsoft Office programs including Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint.