What Are Administrative Duties?

The duties of an administrator are to oversee policies and procedures that a business has established and manage the activities of the employees as they relate to those procedures. Other duties may include appointing managers and consulting with other management.

Every industry includes administrative roles, and job duties vary from job to job. Common titles for an administrator include chief information officer, chief operating officer and operations manager. Administrators work in retail sales, retail management, office administration, hospitality management and general management.

The day-to-day duties of an administrator may include making sure the goals of the business or organization are carried out, overseeing budget and financial activities of the company, consulting with other managers and executives to address any problems, using new technology as it applies to her industry, and negotiating contracts and agreements.

Administrators may also have duties that pertain to analyzing sales and performance reports, as well as any financial statements, to help determine where the company needs to improve or how the company can increase employee production. An administrator may also need to identify where the company needs to cut costs and to come up with ideas on how the business can improve the performance of the employees.