How Do Administration and Management Differ From Each Other?


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Administration is concerned with setting objectives and policies for an organization. This differs from management in that management is not concerned with determining policy, but rather with putting policies into practice. Being a good administrator requires leadership and vision, but does not require technical ability. This is because managers handle day-to-day operations and the utilization of resources, freeing the administrator to focus on broader policies and objectives.

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Administrators tend to be the owners of or the people funding an organization. Administrators hire management personnel to carry out their decisions and act as a buffer between the administration and the rank and file. In all cases, the administrator is above the manager.

Administration is common in fields such as government, the military, education and religious organizations. In business settings, administration is most closely tied to financial matters. The policies of an administration are determined not only by the administrator but also by public opinion, government policies, social factors and religious factors.

Since managers implement an administrator's vision rather than determine a course of action, outside influences such as public opinion are generally less influential in management work. This allows the individual manager to make independent decisions based on his knowledge and experience.

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