What Are Some Admin Performance Goals?

Some admin performance goals are meeting productivity-level targets and standards, identifying and addressing what motivates employees, and holding employees accountable for company procedures and practices. Admin performance goals can address specifics of the businesses' functions, such as reducing call waiting times for customers and reducing customer complaints about employees.

Performance goal standards look to identify things that distract employees from meeting and exceeding performance goals. Reviewing an employee's performance relative to targets measures the employee's success in this way and also helps the employer set standards for future requirements. Identifying weaknesses in performance assists employers in determining training programs meant to increase productivity.

Administrative performance goals also seek to identify what motivates employees. This can help employers get the best performance from employees. Some employees want monetary compensation, and others seek verbal affirmation. Still others look for increased job duties or titles as a recognition for satisfactory or outstanding performance.

Accountability as an administrative performance goal makes sure that employees perform the tasks employers want them to perform. Employees must meet employer expectations for assigned tasks and follow prescribed methods for carrying out work.

Admin performance goals can also set specific targets, such as increasing customer satisfaction and reducing customer complaints about rude employees. Working on these goals can include specific plans for managers, such as communicating expectations to employees or holding a formal training on a particular topic. Auditing customer interaction and tracking customer reviews are other ways to address specific performance goals regarding customer satisfaction.