How Does Adecco Paperless Payroll Work?


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The Adecco paperless payroll system transfers money from the company's payroll bank account to employee bank accounts via direct deposit or to a company-approved payroll debit card. Adecco employees with authorized checking accounts can opt for direct deposit. Employees without checking accounts are issued prepaid Bank of America Money Network cards. Adecco processes the direct deposit or debit card paperwork for its employees, but employees must wait for the bank to set up payroll on its end.

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Adecco employees opting for direct deposit can receive funds in their checking account every week without the need to cash a check. Funds usually show up one day ahead of the company's formal payday, except during holidays. Employees must keep track of checking account information to ensure that payroll funds have been deposited. The debit card operates similarly to a regular checking account debit card, except that payroll funds deposited on the card are drawn from the Adecco payroll account.

As soon as money is transferred to the employee's debit card, she can use the card to purchase items at retail shops and gas stations and shop online. Adecco debit card users can withdraw cash without paying fees at numerous ATM machine locations or visit check cashing facilities that don't charge fees. Adecco employees enrolled in its electronic pay stubs program can view those pay stubs by logging into a website.

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