How Do You Address a Resume Envelope?

Address a resume envelope with the name and address of the person addressed in the cover letter. If possible, applicants should always address the envelope to a specific person, according to the University of Minnesota Duluth Career and Internship Services webpage.

Resumes sent through mail should follow a specific format. To properly send a resume through the mail, use the following steps.

  1. Print out the cover letter and resume
  2. Print out the cover letter and the resume on the same paper type. Use high quality paper and print quality, as this looks more formal and professional, according to the Virginia Tech Career Services webpage. Be sure to include the name and address of the hiring manager or human resources representative on the cover letter. If this is not listed, call to ask for the name of the person responsible for hiring. It is also important to include a return name and address on the cover letter page.

  3. Enclose the resume and cover letter
  4. Use large envelopes in white or manila to enclose the resume. The envelope should be large enough to fit the paper without folding it, as folding can cause the ink to crack on the page. Employers can also easily make copies of unfolded paper. Avoid using paper clips or staples to attach sheets of paper together. Instead, number the pages to keep them in order and mark each page with a name.

  5. Address the envelope
  6. Repeat the address written on the cover letter. Use printed labels to create an address label and a return address label.