How Do I Address a Postcard?

The first step for addressing a postcard is to identify the correct side for writing the address - the front always has a picture or plain space, whereas the back side is the correct side to write the address. Include the recipient's name, street address, city of residence and zip code. Remember to place enough postage on the postcard before mailing it.

The address must go to the right-hand side on the back of the card. On the left-hand side, the sender can write a message to the receiver. Some post cards have printed horizontal lines for writing the address. The sender can carefully write the recipient?s name and last name on the first horizontal line. When the postcard does not provide horizontal lines, the sender writes the recipient?s name below the stamp. Remember to leave enough space for the stamp before writing the recipient's name.

After writing the name, add the street number and street name directly below the recipient?s first name. There should be another line for the name of the city, state and the zip code. Often, postcards have another line to write the country name, as many postcards are mailed from people on vacation to their friends living around the world. Including a return address is not necessary, but if there is enough room, write it on the upper left-hand corner.